NBA Live 16 Gameplay Improvements

NBA Live 16 Gameplay Improvements

EA Sports has already discharged extra information on game-play improvements in four key territories for NBA Live 16. Some of this was point by point through the span of E3, however there’s some more to bite on today from what has been given. Dribbling, shooting, passing, and screens are keyed on with today’s information on the up and coming game.



Dribbling has received improvements in visual quality and responsiveness. Players now feel all the more in control when attempting to rapidly traverse rivals, and additionally chain moves together while in transit to the edge.

We’ve also changed the way our mark moves and size ups are controlled. Players no more simply hold the right stick to watch a player perform mark moves; they are presently in control by moving the Right Stick to draw off moves with coordinated control. This implies that you can pick the moves and rate of how you perform your size ups. In the wake of scrutinizing a player, utilize a forceful move by altering with RT/R2 to give your player a wide assault edge with a hybrid or dithering.

String together your most loved moves and leave the safeguard in the dust to assault the bushel or find space for a shot.



Jump shots have been redesigned in NBA LIVE 16 . At the point when players discharge the shot catch, the player begins his discharge and gets movement input on the shot timing. Need to get a speedy shot off before the protection finishes off? You can. Players no more need to sit tight for the movement to play out to discharge the ball.

The team likewise improved the vibe on shot timing. As opposed to simply tapping the catch, players now see the timing in another shot meter that aides you to discharging the ideal jumper.

We have likewise included better inside shots, and in addition signature layups. There is currently a contrast between how Tony Parker finishes and how James Harden Euro-steps through traffic. Mark dunks are in, and you’ll now see players like Russell Westbrook pounding down while descending the path. We’ve likewise added mark moves to step backs, for example, Jamal Crawford’s progression back with the ball behind his back.



The NBA LIVE team likewise added more to players’ arms stockpiles with regards to passing and making plays. New dribble hand-offs permit players to pick which teammate comes over and get the hand-off by simply selecting the player and holding the B/Circle catch. On the off chance that the resistance overplays the hand-off, simply relinquish the catch and your player will make a secondary passage slice to the band.

NBA LIVE 16 likewise sees the introduction of touch passing, where players can line up a go to hit the open fellow or swing it rapidly around the edge. Simply hit the pass catch before the player gets the ball to force this off.

The new Catch to Score System improves the responsiveness to getting shots off in all circumstances. This not just permits players to get shots up before the guard can finish off, additionally rapidly go up to the crate after a catch or cut.

The team additionally included various new passing movements to the game, including particular outlet goes to begin quick breaks, and contextually rectify section goes into the post. Rear way oop passes now discharge prior and look better, permitting players to deliver considerably more “Hurl City” jams. Pick-and-move passing has additionally been improved with new pocket passes and better ricochets.

NBA LIVE 16 gives players additionally passing control, as well as permits them to look better when pulling it off.



On and off ball screens have been redesigned to give players more open hopes to shoot and assault. Screeners now set up to screen shields rather than simply running up and getting in the position. You’ll additionally have the capacity to begin assaulting at the screener before the screen is situated and lay a hard screen to give you space to make a play.

Screeners change in accordance with any pre-screen take developments to better adjust to the protector and give the best edge. Players can likewise call for rescreens by continuing to hold down LT/L2. Try not to like the side the screen is situated on? Rapidly discharge LT/L2 and pull it again to get the pick set on the other side.

We’ve additionally added the capacity to switch between a move and pop by pushing down on the left stick. Relinquish LT/L2 before taking to the screen to slipthem or pop early.

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